Today was spent mostly indoors, being pampered by Melissa and friends. Nothing big or extravagant, just a small and cozy (great) way of saying good bye to the 20’s, and start off the 30’s. Just the way i like it.

Thank you everyone who called, sent texts or posts, or any other form of goodwishes. Im looking forward to creating new memories with y’all in this new decade to come!

Cracking up the christmas!

Tides of joy and sugar are upon us and the xmas baking has begun!

Awh the knäck! Plating is abismal but flavorwise its a jackpot! Knäck translated to english is “crack”, and not that i have tried the other one but i would be willing to bet that mine is more addictive!


I dont have a wisemouth translation for this one but it IS delicious!



Then we made some homemade irish coffee. Yum! Rockcandy is prebought but we will make some soon.


Then we moved on to some oranged and cloves


And finished the day off by assembling the fireplace


Portrait day

Today was the day of taking family portraits and man did we shoot at a beautiful location. Unfortunately the winds were a little too much, so we relocated to inside Denise’s riding arena. The other benefit was that Lukas could go nuts:-)


img_3130 img_3123 img_3129

After that it was beertime:-) This is how all guys look when they drink beer in D.C now adays.img_3164 img_3170